Jimin writes a special letter thanking ARMY


Yesterday, Park Jimin celebrated his 26th birthday, the member of the Bangtan Boys published in the official Japanese fan cafe of his group a letter thanking the love he received from all his fans on that special date.

Jimin celebrated his 26th birthday, the ‘Filter’ singer received thousands of gifts, including some projects dedicated to him, songs, artistic works, love messages, videos, and words of encouragement from all his BTS colleagues.

The boy from the city of Busan was very excited to be able to share another year of life with Jin, J-Hope, Jungkook, Suga, V, RM and ARMY, who are a very important part of his life.

The congratulations did not stop circulating on different social networks and on Twitter the name of the member of the Bangtan Boys became a trend, as did hashtags created especially to commemorate the idol’s birthday.

Park Jimin wrote a letter to thank all the love he received during his birthday, the BTS dancer posted the very emotional text. If you want to know what the idol letter from Big Hit Entertainment says, read on.


Through BTS’s Japanese fan cafe, the ‘Dynamite’ singer shared an adorable letter for ARMY. Jimin wrote a nice message with some wishes that he hopes will serve his followers a lot.

Jimin’s letter was especially dedicated to his fans, the singer revealed that this 2020 he had an incredible birthday, in the company of his fandom and receiving messages of love, support and affection.

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Please take care of our health, we have to laugh a lot every day and spend unforgettable moments together

At the end of his letter endorsing his love to all his followers around the world, the ‘Lie’ singer demonstrated that his fandom is an essential part of his daily life and thanked all the displays of affection that inspired his birthday.

Jimin recently celebrated his 26th birthday and the Beyond The Scene member received all the love from ARMY on social media, the idol proved that he is one of the most beloved Korean pop artists.


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