Jimin writes a funny song to J-Hope for waking him up


During the most recent episode of the series ‘In The SOOP’, Jimin composed ‘Don’t Wake Me Up’, a song for J-Hope, what message did the singer want to give to his bandmate?

The boys of BTS have always used music to communicate their deepest feelings, thoughts, fears and doubts, that is why many people identify with their lyrics and follow the career of the idols of the Big Hit Entertainment company.

‘In The SOOP’ has given ARMY incredible moments, in each episode they can see the boys in life, without all the pressures that their careers in music entail; is a show that shows the group dynamics of Jin, Jimin, Jungkook, Suga, RM, V, and J-Hope.

This last chapter of ‘In The SOOP’ Internet users could see a little more of the facets of the interpreters of ‘Dynamite’, since idols feel a great love for music, they cannot stop making tracks.

Jimin has a great time in the ‘In The SOOP’ series, but the idol always gets very tired, because he does a lot of activities, fishes, plays, exercises, helps with the housework, one of his favorite moments is go to bed and rest to regain strength and start a new day.

In this episode of ‘In The SOOP’ Jimin’s dream was interrupted by J-Hope, so the idol improvised a special song for Hoseok, the BTS singer wanted to let his band colleague know all his feelings and how he felt at the time.

For the song ‘Don’t Wake Me Up’, the singer had help from his peers, as Kim Taehyung was in charge of the melody of the theme and played the piano, while Kim Namjoon supported his friend with the choirs and other vocal decorations for the track.

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Jimin’s ‘Don’t Wake Me Up’ says:

I woke up this morning, I wrote the lyrics and the music right at that moment, I opened my eyes, Hobi called me, he looked at me and said, – come eat -, I closed my eyes and I answered, – I don’t want to get up, no I want to get up, just let me be here, I played a lot throughout the day and I didn’t sleep, I don’t want to get up, let me be-

The day starts and I already hate Hobi

Jimin’s sentimental melody made his teammates laugh a bit, the ‘Lie’ singer didn’t want to get up and just wanted to spend another 5 minutes resting. Two good things came out of this, ARMY was able to enjoy Jimin’s voice and J-Hope got a song dedicated especially to his way of waking up his partner.


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