Jimin: What intelligence does the BTS leader have?


Each member of BTS possesses great abilities and mental skills that make them unique, but what sets the leader of the band Jimin apart.

Jimin, who recently became the leader of the band, in his childhood the dreams of Park Ji Min, real name, were constantly changing so he wanted to be a scientist, mini car driver, swordsman and even learned fencing, for all this what is your intelligence type.

In Somagnews we have been able to know several interesting facts about the members of BTS, but this time we will talk about Jimin’s intelligence.

BigHit’s K-pop group is one of the most popular, its success has allowed them to have millionaire sales, break records and integrate thousands of ARMY to their ranks. Each of the members has not only excelled in dancing, singing, and rap, they have also demonstrated their talent for songwriting and music production.

Faced with so much artist diversity, we will touch on the area of ​​psychology, where there is a theory created by the psychologist and Harvard professor, Howard Gardner, who published a book where he talks about multiple intelligence, so far, 8 to 12 types have been identified of intellect that people possess.

That is why now we are immersed in the type of intelligence that Jimin has and to begin with, let’s understand that these are the types of intellects that exist.

Mathematical logician

The leader of BTS, who before being the famous singer that we all know now, has said that during his audition his hands were shaking as much as they could, even when he opened the door. He also said that while singing his voice broke numerous times, but his dance came out amazing so he was quickly able to concentrate. As it did?

Well this is related to his type of intellect, since he has collaborative intelligence, cares for others and is supportive, in fact Namjoon considers him a good-hearted member due to the attention he pays to others, at the time helped an ARMY seek treatment for her illness.

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