Jimin wearing glasses with the guy from J-Hope


BTS member Jimin drove ARMY crazy by wearing J-HOPE’s name on an accessory. What does the artist hide?

Fans (ARMY) of popular boy group BTS identify the clothes and daily necessities they wear from casual photos and photos of the members. However, it seems that ARMY has found something more interesting in the photos of the members, especially Jimin.

In a recent photo shared by BTS on their official Twitter account, netizens noticed something unusual but suspicious. What is it?

Jimin causes intrigue in ARMY

On this day, the BTS member challenged a cute fashion by combining Chanel’s sweatshirt with a black bag and yellow sunglasses, showing his coordinates in a playful pose.

In the picture, there is a close up of Jimin’s face. ARMY who looked at this photograph looked closely at the details of the sunglasses to identify which brand of sunglasses.

They then discovered that he had written a small “J-HOPE” on the top right of the lens of the artist’s sunglasses.


The fans who noticed this character are very excited. It’s exciting that Jimin is giving a hint.

“I wonder if I borrowed custom sunglasses from J-HOPE”; “J-HOPE can advertise a fashion line”; “Will Jimin be the model in the J-HOPE fashion line?”; What does the letter ‘J-HOPE’ stand for? ”Wrote the ARMYS.

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