Jimin tried to help a fan, but this is what happened


The idol wanted to help you with your problem, but it was all very confusing.

BTS has kept in touch with their fans through Weverse, they even organized an online concert to remember the best moments with ARMY and make them feel in a real live show.

The boys have shared various messages through the platform, from advice, their daily routines and words of encouragement, but sometimes things do not go as expected and there are small confusions that demonstrate the great heart that the boys have.

VLive has also been a means of communication between BTS and ARMY , sometimes the boys make live broadcasts to chat with them or show them some things; however, sometimes the language causes a gap for the conversation to flow smoothly.


Jimin experienced something like this when a fan wanted to express her emotion, but she communicated it in Korean and confessed: “I have enteritis”, the idol was worried and promised to help her. He even started looking for information on the computer.

But it was all a mistake, the girl just wanted to tell him that she kept screaming. Without a doubt, despite the fact that the disease did not exist, Jimin showed that he has a great heart and will always try to help ARMY even if they are thousands of kilometers away.


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