Jimin things that will make you reaffirm your love for him


Jimin drives us crazy not only because of his physique, but because of his feelings, and here is a list of cool things about BTS that will make you sigh.

In Today’s news about the BTS idol, Jimin, we will talk to you about some phrases he has said when expressing himself, that will make us sigh over and over again for the Idol, and that is that this famous man has shown to have a very big heart.

In this sense, the singer has said super cute things on several occasions, which have made him become the Bias of many and many members of ARMY, since he has a charming personality.

One of them has been precisely that the ARMY is water for him, because he could not live without them, since there is no way that BTS has the popularity it has, but it is because of its fans.

The singer also stands out for his funny charisma, and he is not afraid of anything, so much so that he once ate dog food on a television program to demonstrate his courage, of course he later brought us a smile because he immediately regretted it.

On some occasions Jimin showed his underwear, and has stated that it is not as exclusive as we think, since he bought it in a convenience store.

Jimin’s trivia

Idol is obviously a fan of anime, and one of his favorites is one piece. He also made 8 wounds near his right eye when he fell in the bathroom when he was little. Another of the most impressive things is that he wants to reach 28 years old because he is very curious, since he is an important age in Korea.

Jimin in love is also very specific, since he has revealed that he does not think he can date someone as busy as him, he also worries about the safety of his fans, so one of the phrases he says on his first dates is “Come home safely please.” Of course, if he is close to the girl he likes, he turns red as a tomato.

The BTS idol shows us that he is practically a perfect man, and that he has very noble feelings.What is Jimin’s attitude that impressed you the most?


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