Jimin thanks the BTS members for their congratulations


The celebration for Jimin’s birthday has already started and the idol responded to the congratulatory messages he is receiving, which he thanked with some photos.

ARMY is celebrating, projects in honor of Jimin’s birthday started taking place as soon as October 13 arrived in South Korean time. After receiving a large number of congratulations and observing the messages created in his honor, the BTS member took to the group’s Twitter account to greet his fans.

Today, social networks were filled with images, videos and messages with good wishes for Park Jimin. The idol born in 1995 is celebrating his 25 years of international age, for which his groupmates also congratulated him publicly.

Suga was one of them and he posted a tweet wishing his partner and friend a happy day. After viewing the post, the vocalist responded by asking why he had used the irreplaceable word in the hashtags, but all the fans easily knew the answer.

Another Bangtan Sonyeondan member also shared a photo of Jimin adding the name of this idol, although it is a post in honor of the singer’s birthday, it was not revealed who made this tweet so fans began to leave questions to discover the identity behind the image.


On this special day, the Filter interpreter has observed with great attention everything that his fans organized in his honor, for that reason he also left a message of gratitude to all who took a moment to dedicate a few words to him, which he accompanied with a part of lovely photos.

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In addition, Jimin invited his fans to stay tuned, as he will host a V Live broadcast to give a perfect closure to his birthday celebration.

Thank you for the birthday greetings, I hope everyone has a good day. See you soon on V App!

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