Jimin takes over the world’s largest shopping mall


Jimin is the first K-pop idol to appear in the world’s largest shopping mall to celebrate his birthday. The BigHit idol is days away from adding a new year to his life, so the projects by ARMY have not been long in coming. Jimin’s popularity with BTS has reached thousands of fans, so it is not uncommon for the idol’s party to hit unexpected levels and break records by being the only Korean artist to have a series of advertisements in the Dubai Mall, the largest square. of the world.


Through social networks, it was announced that one of the projects to celebrate Jimin’s 25th birthday, (26 in Korean age), will be one of the largest and never before seen for a Korean pop idol. The BigHit idol will break a record with the gift that a Chinese fanbase organized for him, as he will appear in the largest and most famous shopping mall in the world.

The Bangtan member, originally from the city of Busan, was born on October 13, 1995 and there are only 4 days left to celebrate this special day, at his young age he has achieved fame with his groupmates and has also conquered the love of ARMY, those loyal to him have raised enough money and obtained permission to undertake this large-scale project.


As part of their gift, the fans placed 15 ads that will be distributed throughout the mall, known for being the largest in the world and receiving more than 80 million visits a year, in addition, it will be the first celeb to appear on their screens , as this type of advertising is not usually allowed.

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Jimin wants it, Jimin has it. The Dubai Mall has a capacity equal to the size of 50 football stadiums, the birthday screens will appear from October 9 to 15 and in the background will be heard his solo single “Filter”, a song that is part of his album “Map of the soul 7 ”and with which he has also broken records on music platforms.

Among the other gifts, there are advertisements in New York City on the famous Time Square avenue, there will also be LED screens and posters of the idol in subway stations, as well as a festival in his honor with the theme of “Serendipity”, another of his solos, as well as events in coffee shops and hashtags on social networks.


Jimin also recently received a song called “Sarang”, composed by his fans in Vietnam as a gift.


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