Jimin surprises with radical change of look

During his last VLive, the idol showed his new black hair

During the last VLive that Jimin performed alongside the BTS leader , this boy was able to chat a bit with the fans before RM joined the broadcast, during that time, Jimin talked a bit about how much he misses meeting his fans, but they He asked that they be kept safe. In addition to this, he was able to present his new look and surprised ARMY with said change.

This idol decided to dye his hair again in a completely black color , which makes him look incredible and, although we have already seen him use this tone before, he is still a favorite of some of his followers.

Jimin mentioned that lately he had been frequently painting his hair and that many of those colors were light , however this time he opted for a change and left the soft tones to add a dark color to his look. Do you like how it looks?

The idol asked fans who were watching his broadcast if they had missed seeing him with black hair , although he honestly confessed that he could not read the comments and answers to his question because he was some distance from the device where he was broadcasting. After that, Jimin got up to get a little closer and read what his followers were saying, although it was difficult for him anyway.

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