Jimin suffers muscle pain in Black Swan choreography


It is so much the professionalism of Jimin, leader of BTS, that ended with muscle pain after the solo choreography of Black Swan.

As we have already reported, on other previous occasions on Somagnews, the leader of BTS is characterized by his spectacular dance form, but without a doubt his efforts take their toll and Bangtan Bomb has made a revelation, Jimin experienced muscle pain during his choreography in solitaire of Black Swan.

In the new Bangtan bomb it was revealed that Jimin suffered during the filming of Black Swan and it is that the video reveals the dedication of the singer to give the best performance.

Recall, for a few days now Big Hit Entertainment has been treating fans with behind-the-scenes moments from the Black Swan music video, for example we have seen RM and V transform the stage into their own drama during takes.

Jimin does a spectacular solo

Now, through a new Bangtan Bomb, ARMY gets a closer look at the BTS leader’s solo in the music video and it’s fans gasping with his stellar solo choreography. The new video reveals the amount of effort and energy that went into the scene.

The video begins with Mochi, dressed in white, standing under the spotlight and performing his solo ensemble before changing into his black ensemble and taking the stage.

Some Jimin fans have stated that they were rendered speechless by his impeccable performance, “our hearts broke when we saw the exhausted performer lying on the ground.”

When his team approached him, he revealed that he was experiencing muscle pain. However, his focus was on making sure the scene was perfect for the song.

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When he got up to watch the scene, he was not completely convinced with the shot and insisted on redoing the scene one more time. Ignoring the pain, he recreated the choreography before finally getting the nod from the director and finally resting on the floor.


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