Jimin Spreads Good With Cute “Good Boy” Fashion


BTS member Jimin won ARMY’s hearts for his towering fashion and cute face.

On August 28, BTS shared as InstaStories, individual photos of the members preparing for their next live performance at the MTV Video Music Awards on August 31. The members were photographed while preparing for their rehearsals.

Jimin was photographed as he stretched his toes a bit, all smiles and looking perfectly happy. The artist, as a fashion influencer, wore casual and comfortable but fashionable pieces during practice.

Jimin is seen wearing a blue plus size “Good Boy” t-shirt paired with Fila sweatpants, sneakers, and a beanie.

The “Good Boy” is not Jimin’s first t-shirt to promote goodness and righteousness. Previously, the BTS member wore t-shirts that read “Be a good human.”

One of these, he wore it while communicating with his fans via a live stream. Like most recently, he wore another shirt in orange that he flaunted while leaving the venue for BTS’s Bang Bang Con The Live concert.

Jimin’s fashion makes ARMY fall in love

As a member of the 2019 Business of Fashion Class, Jimin’s fashion is always in the spotlight. The artist can be fully aware that everything he uses is being analyzed and criticized.

Therefore, Jimin cleverly uses this avenue to promote nothing but righteousness through phrases on the clothes he wears.


It seems the singer is using fashion to spread kindness, which he has also shown through visits to the orphanage, silent donations, etc. And usually his fans will follow suit.

Also, during BTS’s interview with MTV News on August 28, Jimin gained attention while explaining in English why Spring Day is one of his favorites.

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On the other hand, Jimin spoke enthusiastically about making BTS’s latest single, Dynamite’s music video. To conclude, the good boy said “There were only good vibes!”


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