Jimin spoils the ARMY with a new Christmas song


BTS’s Jimin has consented to ARMY by releasing a new Christmas song on digital platforms.

BTS is once again a topic of conversation on social networks and this time it was thanks to its member Jimin, who surprised ARMY by announcing that he had a Christmas surprise prepared for them, which undoubtedly left thousands of fans with their mouths open.

Jimin’s surprise for the ARMY at Christmas was a new song entitled ‘Christmas Love’, which was published in the first instance on the BangtanTV YouTube channel, a platform where so far it has already exceeded 8 million views.

Similarly, the BTS idol decided to use the Weverse platform, a popular South Korean social network, to send an emotional letter to the ARMY, in which he explains where the inspiration to compose ‘Christmas Love’ came from and the love with which he dedicates them to the fans.

Jimin dedicates an emotional letter to the ARMY


Hi ARMY, I’m Jimin. Did they receive your Christmas gift well? I really wanted you to hear this song so I’m really glad I can show it to you now. I came here to tell you why I suddenly came up with “Christmas love”, a brilliant song in the middle of this difficult time, ”Park Ji-min began to relate.

“You can probably understand it from the title, but this song contains the emotions I felt when I was little, watching the snow that I loved fall. I think that as we grow up, we tend to miss our childhood. Whether that is the situation now or not, I remember us as immature and innocent children, and I wanted to go back to those days, ”he added.

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“Likewise, there is a sense of responsibility, and that responsibility is what forces us to mature and hide, in some way, our feelings. Although it may seem childish, how about expressing those emotions for once? I thought it would be great if that today could be this day, “explained the ‘Filter’ singer.

“You all deserve to be loved, and although I am a bit shy to express this, I wish for a situation where we can all be happy. Although it is a simple song compared to the great way it was written, I made this song in the hope that all of you would be happy, ”Jimin explained.

“I wish that after listening to ‘Christmas love’, you could momentarily go back to those past memories,” Jimin finished.


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