Jimin shows his tattoo in In The Soop and excites his fans


BTS fans hope to see Jimin’s tattoo more clearly in reality episodes. BTS has prepared big surprises for their fans, with their next song just days away from being revealed and some announcements taking ARMY by surprise.

That is why the trailer for him next series, aroused great interest in him followers.

During the first video trailer we could see a bit of the context in which the BTS guys will be developing in the series In The Soop, since we were shown a space in nature with mountains next to a large river.

However, it was until the second teaser that we could see the members of the idol group enjoying this scenario, each one dedicating himself to the activities he prefers: fishing, reading, meditating or even playing music, however, there is one detail that he managed to capture the attention of the fandom.

While Jimin enjoys the view and fresh air in nature, a mark can be seen on his arm, which corresponds to the tattoo that this idol made.


Although the tattoo is not shown up close and is therefore not seen very clearly either, BTS fans hope that in future episodes they will be able to see it better.

Recently, Big Hit Entertainment officially announced the release of BTS’s new characters, TinyTAN. In no time, these animated characters have already become Downy’s new look for a special event.


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