Jimin shares spoilers on BTS ‘Life Goes On MV


BTS’s Jimin got back together with ARMY through a live stream and decided to reveal some spoilers about the MV.

The K-pop stars of BigHit are preparing the last details to make their comeback this November 20, their new album “BE” will be the third comeback they make this year and the most special, since they will show a much more personal and human side, as they involved themselves in the process and were inspired by the feelings they experienced in the face of the global crisis.

Through his official YouTube channel, Jimin from BTS decided to meet again with ARMY through a live, the idol shared various details of “BE”, there are only 9 days left for fans to know the new music of the boys and They are ready to break all possible records and the “Filter” star confessed that his wish is that both the fans and they can value this album for a long time.

During the live broadcast, Jimin talked about his work as a manager, he admitted that it was simple, because he only had to attend to the needs that arose during the creation of “BE”, such as asking the opinions or wishes of the Bangtan boys, for example , what style do you want to use, you also decided to spoil the MV for “Life Goes On”, the title track of “BE”.


As a message of hope that life continues despite adversity, BTS will be promoting “Lifes Goes On” and Jimin revealed that the music video has already been recorded and decided to share the first previews of the concept and what ARMY will see.

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The idol explained that, so far, it has been one of the most difficult MVs for BTS, it is not known if because of the scenes they had to perform, the concept, the choreography or the duration, but he assured that everyone had a lot of fun on set , which increased the expectation of ARMY, as it can overcome the complexity of “ON”.

Jimin also shared that she has discussed with V about the songs and talked about Suga’s health, she says that his partner is in constant communication with them and hopes to return soon, but that everything is going very well. In the end, he was grateful to be able to live with ARMY through the screen.


Another of the details that ARMY expects progress is on Suga’s recovery, his brother shared how his health is going.


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