Jimin shares emotional message with ARMY


BTS’s Jimin sends a special message to ARMY for Chuseok and to celebrate Billboard’s # 1 again thanks “Dynamite”.

The idols of BigHit are enjoying the holidays for the celebrity of Chuseok, one of the most important and traditional in South Korea, so any activities and programs were suspended this week, as the country is grateful for the harvests received in the year, Jimin decided to share a message with ARMY for its fifth week on the Billboard chart.

Through BTS’s official Twitter account, Jimin shared an emotional message with ARMY. The idol is celebrating Chuseok, but many expected to know the reaction of Bangtan idols after they returned to # 1 on the Billboard Hot 100, the celeb explained why I could not thank them before.

In the message he wrote in Korean, Jimin regretted making them wait and arrive a few days after the weekly ranking was announced, but confessed that he was not feeling well at the time, he also wishes you a good harvest party and assured that this new It was achieved thanks to ARMY, their support and they should not forget that they are an important part of this goal.


Jimin was happy to achieve his goal, it is something very significant for them and he thanked them all with an emoji of a crying face, ARMY shared various messages of support and congratulations to the idol, but they also worried about his health. after reading your message.

Although he did not explain the reasons, the BTS member decided to post a second message, shared a very short video next to Jungkook, where they bow and form the Korean heart to say “I love you” to their fans, he made sure to explain that For now he is better, but he did not elaborate on whether it was something emotional or physical.

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Currently, BTS is preparing their comeback with “BE”, their online concert “Map of the soul ON: E” and their presentation at the Billboard Music Awards, so the break they can get in Chuseok week is important.

Recently, it was reported that BTS could perform their military service as a group, the 7 members could enlist until 2025.


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