Jimin sends a beautiful message to ARMY and apologizes


Jimin sends a beautiful message to ARMY and apologizes. The idol wanted to communicate with his followers before but something prevented him.

The promotions of the boys of BTS for their album Map of the Soul: 7 have started on the right foot, their attendance to programs in the United States with fun dynamics, interviews and the release of different versions of videos for their promotional single, the boys They have barely been in Korea for a few days and their hard work continues.

During the promotional season after the release of a record material, not only fans accumulate fatigue while they are in charge of showing their support by streaming, voting and unveiling to see the live performances of their favorite idols.


They must also end up exhausted after an unstoppable day, but it is also logical that they should take advantage of this moment to fully exploit the material they have just released.

The fruits of his effort have been seen in a few days, all thanks to the unconditional support of ARMY . Jimin knows it and that is why he took the group’s social networks to communicate with his fans and send them a message of thanks for all the effort they have put into supporting their new album:

“I fell asleep :'( Our ARMYs, thanks for supporting us and always taking care of us. I will do my best for the rest of the album promotions!”

The idol’s tender gesture was accompanied by a couple of his photographs and was very well received by his followers, motivating them to continue giving everything of themselves to keep Map of the Soul: 7 at the top of the charts, as well as continue playing ‘ON’ and support presentations at Korean music shows.

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