Jimin says BTS member’s definition of urban dictionary


This says ARMY about Jimin from BTS according to the definition of the urban dictionary.

He may be one of the four singers in the K-pop group BTS, but Jimin is definitely one of a kind. To fans, he’s so much more than just an amazing dancer and performer – he has a big heart and a warm smile to match. His definition from Urban Dictionary shows how fans think about the artist behind songs like “Serendipity”, “Filter” and “Friends”.

Jimin is one of the singers of BTS

Although V, Jungkook, and Jin are talented singers, there is no one like Park Jimin. As one of the group’s main dancers, Jimin appears often in well-known BTS songs such as “Black Swan” and “Boy With Luv”. In August 2019, Jimin set a Spotify record, with three songs reaching more than 50 million views on the streaming platform, Spotify.

He even picked up some famous fans along the way. That includes late-night host Jimin Fallon, who wore Jimin’s BT21 merchandise in an interview. James Corden became the “Papa Mochi” of the BTS member’s “Baby Mochi”, inspired by a nickname Jimin was given by fans.

What does ARMY think of Jimin?

Each of BTS’s singers have unique personalities, and that’s totally reflected in the way fans describe them. By Urban Dictionary’s definition of Jimin, fans declared that this K-pop idol will quickly become a part of your everyday life.

“It will consume every thought, vibration and love of your existence and replace it with itself. Once you experience Jimin, there is no way to escape his unconditional sphere of desire. You’ll quickly find yourself thrown into an eternal whirlwind of heartbreak when you realize you’ve given up everything you ever wanted for Park Jimin; despite knowing it will never be yours, “wrote a fan about the K-pop idol.

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Fans only wish the best for Jimin

Whether with BT21 characters or dance covers of songs like “On”, fans really want the best for Jimin and the rest of the BTS guys. According to Teen Vogue, for Jimin’s birthday during 2019, fans gathered in cafes to celebrate around the world, sharing their love on social media as well.

“You will spend every day of your life hoping and praying that it is happy and healthy. You will dream of the chances of having the opportunity to meet him and you are distressed by how low they are ”, continues the definition of Urban Dictionary. “But don’t be afraid. He is your paradise. I just know that he will take care of you.”

Fans can see this artist in person throughout the now-postponed Map of the Soul tour. BTS and Jimin’s music, including songs like “Filter” and “Friends” from Map of the Soul: 7, are available on Spotify, Apple Music, and most major streaming platforms.


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