Jimin said that getting high marks in ‘Fake Love’ is secret


Fake Love is one of the BTS songs where Jimin stands out more for his high notes, which he achieves with this incredible secret that Pdogg gave him.

BTS is in one of the best moments of their careers, as both they and the ARMY are already looking forward to the arrival of their new album ‘BE’ which will be available from November 20.

But before celebrating the premiere, Jimin was placed in the center of the spotlight by revealing his great secret to achieve such high voice notes on the song ‘Fake Love’, something that left thousands with their mouths open after the revelation of the idol .

Jimin reveals his secret to high notes

On more than one occasion Jimin has surprised the ARMY with the power of his voice, but in Fake Love this talent stands out more than in any other song, but if you have heard it you know that it is almost impossible to achieve that level of voice.

In addition to the idol’s ability, there is a trick to achieve this tone of voice, which Jimin found thanks to Pdogg, who in ‘Behind the scene’ shared this mysterious secret with him, which resulted in his impressive voice.

In Somagnews we reveal to you the impressive secret that Jimin has to achieve his high marks in Fake Love, which will blow your mind, because nobody expected that this technique would give such results.

Put your feet on tiptoe and tighten your back muscles

This was the great secret that Pdogg shared with Jimin to achieve his high marks, and we have all witnessed how well it has worked, so we are sure the entire ARMY thanks him.

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It should be mentioned that although it seems like a very simple trick, we must remember that while Jimin performs this technique to hold the high voice notes, he also has to perform the choreography of BTS’s success, something that not everyone could do.


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