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In The Soop BTS Episode 1: Jimin’s Hanbok, Suga’s White T-shirt, and Jin’s Fishing Adventures – Moments We Love

Finally, the first episode of the long-awaited In the Soop BTS has already premiered and the kids were at their chaotic best right from the start. We get a detailed tour of the lake house they will be staying in while the septet indulged in some desired hobbies.

We may not be able to go on a trip at all in 2020, but for the ARMY fandom, they were satisfied that BTS went on a week-long healing vacation to the woods.

In the SOOP BTS version, which is a bit similar to Bon Voyage, the guys indulge in their desired hobbies while reconnecting with themselves and as a septet.

Jimin drives the ARMY crazy in In The Soop

Episode 1 finally came out last night and as expected the guys were chaotic from the start.

We started with the boys’ gathering at Big Hit headquarters to reveal everything they will need for the next trip.

The boys start listing their demands like a ping pong table for Jin, a huge canvas for Suga, a hard punching bag for Jungkook, a yoga mat for RM, wine for V, etc.

Then on the day their adventures begin, Yoongi, ChimChim, and Kookie take the wheel and have a fun moment where only Baby Mochi didn’t have to fight at all to collect the toll.

While Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, and Taehyung were playing Daechwita and Eight, Namjoon and The Golden Maknae discussed the lyrics of the latter’s Festa 2020 dedication to ARMY, Still With You.

Upon arriving at the lake house, the children were given a tour of the huge property where they will be parked for a week. This included the main house, a tall house, a boathouse, and even a caravan along with a huge green lawn.

The ARMY could not forget the angelic ChimChim who decided to wear a hanbok and looked like the owner of the house. Baby Mochi was also in a bad mood as she made Hobi laugh for the entirety of the episode.

For lunch, Suga and Jungkook took over the cooking duties while Jin kept teasing RM by telling him how skilled he is at soccer and especially ping-pong. Eventually the two get into a fun fight with Jimin joining in on the fun. Jin was indeed the master, but that’s only because Namjoon and ChimChim weren’t too good at the game.

The ARMY fandom was starved for ramyeon as the kids devoured their food.

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Baby Mochi also made a reference to Parasite while talking about food. Also, V was a real husband when he made washing dishes look like a work of art, while also weakening our knees with the superior look of Yoongi’s white t-shirt.

There was also a grocery ranking that saw the parents’ sides on Jin and Yoongi as they segregated the value of the week’s groceries while RM and Hobi went on with what they said, carrying the groceries back and forth.

Furthermore, Jimin was also seen taunting Jungkook near the punching bag teaching him how to Brazilian kick.

After lunch and cleaning, the boys decided where they each wanted to sleep with Jungkook by choosing the boathouse and even practicing guitar.

J-Hope decided to stay with Kookie while ChimChim’s playmate walked through him and he chose to stay in the tall house, which was equipped with computers and virtual reality. Yoongi wanted some peace and quiet and opted for the caravan that left Jin, RM, and V at the main house.

Namjoon showed his God of Destruction side when he broke the antenna of a toy boat in just seconds while Taehyung was out of the house and when BTS asked him to say a password to enter; TaeTae said the jibolala and Rock Bison, both associated with his 95 line member, Baby Mochi.

When Jimin kept playing the same tune on the piano, Hobi joked that it is the only song that ChimChim has been playing for eight years and counting.

Furthermore, we also see Jin finally fishing with Suga saying that he will join him in a moment.

However, Mr. Worldwide Handsome struggles when he almost catches something, but narrowly escapes. As a bargaining tactic, Jin asks the cameraman to tell him how to correct himself or he will go bald.

The final few seconds see Jin desperate as we part ways with his fishing adventures and we have to wait until next week to see how it all ends for the Moon singer.


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