Jimin reveals the secret behind his smile


The idol is very adorable, but he has a very interesting and unique secret.

Jimin revealed his most vulnerable point. Boys BTS have been interacting a lot by means of their social networks on different platforms and different activities, ARMY is very pleased that social isolation in their seven idols accompany them despite the distance.

Jimin is a boy who was endowed with many skills , because he is athletic, a good dancer and a great singer, but he himself confessed his weak point , something that puts him at a disadvantage compared to the rest of BTS .


The member of the group of Big Hit Entertainment has the known as ‘Eye Smile’ , that means that when he smiles or laughs very hard his eyes close in such a way that he cannot see his surroundings, it is a very expressive way and many find this unique characteristic.

In episode number 54 of Run BTS! the boys in the group were very focused playing tennis, Jimin said to his teammates “let’s stop laughing, seriously I can’t see anything, please don’t laugh anymore”


The adorable act managed to get more laughter out of Jin, Jungkook, J-Hope, RM, V, and Suga who didn’t believe that Chim Chim was saying that in the midst of their competition. So if you want to beat Jimin the answer will always be the same: Make him laugh .

Check the full video :


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