Jimin Reveals His Secret Talent Developed


During the quarantine for the Covid-19 pandemic, Jimin and his fellow BTS members had a lot of free time and discovered incredible talents.

Jimin and the other BTS guys are still on tour to promote “Dynamite”, their first English song, which has broken world records.

During a radio interview, the BTS star singer revealed that during the Covid-19 quarantine he discovered talents that he himself did not know he had.

Through the radio program Most Requested Live, Jimin and BTS gave an interview about their most recent plans, the success of “Dynamite”, their next comeback and how they have lived through the pandemic after they had to cancel their world tour, the boys They have had a lot of free time and have been able to dedicate themselves to other things, so they discovered new talents that they did not know they had.

By not having such a tight schedule, BTS gave themselves the opportunity to live a more normal daily routine, which allowed them to develop and reveal their hidden talents, some of the members of the K-pop group explained what they have done in quarantine and what skills possess now. The idols were amused by their responses, as some were witty, while RM claimed they were either lazy or all artists.


BTS reveals their hidden talents


The idol believes that he has not had enough sleep, but somehow his body rests for a few hours, despite having free time, Suga sleeps very little. Namjoon expressed his concern and joked that the idol doesn’t sleep.


Free time allowed V to enjoy television, although many people are not interested in this type of entertainment, the idol confessed that he has been watching TV a lot.


Contrary to Suga, the talented K-Pop member BTS has been able to sleep a lot more and found that he can spend hours in bed.


The idol highlighted his talents as an artist, because during this time he focused on art and discovered that he can draw and paint very well.


He confessed that he eats a lot and sleeps, it is a skill because he has made it his daily routine.

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