Jimin reveals what happened after BTS renewed his contract


Jimin recounted how BTS members reacted as they began a new stage in their career.

The BTS fandom was surrounded by celebrations for several weeks due to the group’s seventh anniversary fulfillment , but even this season, it was inevitable to think about BTS’s contract renewal alongside Big Hit Entertainment.

During BANG BANG CON: THE LIVE, the members of BTS announced that a day before their contract had ended , however, days ago they had already signed a new one that began to work from that moment, therefore, in its last transmission in alive, Jimin revealed how they lived that moment.

After spending so much time together and seeing how the group grew in popularity and preparation, it was logical that the renewal of their contract became an emotional moment.

So Jimin said that after their previous contract ended, the BTS members shook hands with each other and hugged each other warmly, wondering if they would have continued to meet these days if they didn’t renew their contract.


The boys also appreciated the effort they have made during this time and, after telling this anecdote, Jimin also thanked the fans who have remained by his side, motivating them to continue in this way for much longer.

In that same live broadcast, Jimin talked about the songs they prepared for BTS’s next album , revealing some details of the progress they have made for said record material.



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