Jimin reveals a secret on his little finger


Jimin reveals a very funny secret about himself. Jimin reveals his love for his little finger.

To remember is to live again, the boys of BTS revealed a new video through their Bangtan Bomb channel. The clip shows the behind the scenes of one of his photo shoots and where the idol revealed an adorable and fun secret about himself, we tell you what it is about.

Through BTS’s YouTube channel , the new episode titled “Cute and adorable,” shows the guys on set as they recorded the footage behind “Boy with Luv,” one of their 2019 MVs. While they were on a break , they began to talk about some curiosities about themselves.

Jungkook confessed that he does not like to have his neck touched because he hates the cold feeling, he does not even put his own hands, Jimin approached him and assured him that his hands were warm, but the conversation took a very funny turn when he talked about his d pinky.

Jimin recalled that during his student days he tried to stretch his finger to make it grow more, since it looks small, more than it is, so he thought it would grow that way. Awwww! However, it was not so, but self-love allows him to accept himself as he is, so he dedicated an I love you to his little finger.

ARMY reacted to this gesture on social networks and shared the clip of the idol assuring that it was the most tender. The boys also joked about being taller, some of them did everything to be able to become tall boys, but they did not.

They talked about medical checkups, where they imitated the poses they do to look taller than they actually are. LOL Jimin also said that if he could have done something with his little finger, he would also have managed to grow more centimeters than he measures now.

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