Jimin receives an amazing birthday present in advance


Jimin’s birthday is getting closer and closer, the idol has received a very special gift from the prestigious artist Lee K., look at the work that the illustrator created to celebrate the next birthday of the BTS singer.

Jimin’s personality and talents have taken him far and wide, the K-pop artist is an inspiration to thousands of people pursuing his career as an idol and in other projects. The ‘Dynamite’ interpreter is ready to celebrate another year of life with ARMY.

The boy originally from the city of Geumjeong, Busan in South Korea, was born on October 13, 1995, so it is a very important date for fans of the Bangtan Boys member, who strive to celebrate the birthday in a high way. of the dancer.

To commemorate the party some projects and activities have already been revealed and ARMY from all over the world are in preparations to show their love, support and affection to the singer of Beyond The Scene.

Within the BTS fandom there are great figures and personalities, so it is not surprising that many take the idols of the Big Hit Entertainment company as a reference for their artistic creations.

Lee K. is an experienced Korean illustrator, who has taken Jimin as his muse, the creative is inspired by the music star to create fabulous portraits, the art curator did not want to be left behind in gifts for Jimin and did something very special to him.

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Through his official social networks he shared a very special drawing to celebrate Jimin’s birthday, in the image you can see several brushstrokes in all blue that form the sweet face of the singer. The artist wrote in the post:

Congratulations #Jimtober

The painting measures 1200x900mm and the work is exhibited in oil on canvas. In Lee K.’s post, you can see the evolution of Jimin’s gift, first he highlighted some of the idol’s features with gray and blue colors, and then he gave a special touch to his creation with strong brushstrokes in the same range of tones.


It is not the first time that Lee portrays the beauty of Park Jimin, if you want to enjoy more of the illustrator’s work you can go to his networks, where he constantly publishes new paintings taking the singer of ‘Lie’ as a model.

Many Jimin fans have already started sharing the environmentally friendly projects they planned to celebrate the birthday of the BTS idol, we invite you to visit: Jimin inspires ARMY to create great projects for his birthday.


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