Jimin recall EMOTIVE moment with this BTS member


BTS members reminisce about their past! Jimin recreates an old choreography with this member.

ARMY is definitely looking forward to the I-Lan episode as BTS will be making an appearance. For those of you who don’t know much about this, I-Land is a survival reality show that is a joint venture between CJ E&M and BTS’s agency, Big Hit Entertainment, hosted by Belift Lab.

It was late last month that the septet’s guest appearance on the show was announced, while a small preview came out a few days ago. In case you thought that boys would be an intimidating guest for contestants, you are sorely mistaken!

Hours before Ep 7, the latest extended trailer for BTS’s visit to I-Land, airs, the boys are seen in awe of the complex’s interiors.

From the get-go, you realize that J-Hope is a fan of the show as he answers the members’ questions about all the rooms. As Jin jokes that he should sit in the chair with the No. 1 ranking, the voiceover welcomes them to I-Land, inevitably surprising the boys.

Also, BTS messes with name tags, but finds himself in trouble when he is attached to the chair.

Jimin recalls an emotional moment with V

Meanwhile, Jimin and V run to the practice room and start dancing, recreating the choreography for the lead single from Map of the Soul: 7, On. While complaining that no one is paying attention to them, Namjoon obeys the members of the ’95 line with a smile.

The rest of the boys enter the room as Taehyung and Jin about old memories from their trainee days. Realizing that they are talking like grandparents, TaeTae jokes, “Guys, let’s not be that kind of person, always saying ‘when I was his age, ‘”to which Suga joked,” We’re just talking about old memories. “

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