Jimin proves that time has no effect on him


The BTS dancer updated the group’s social media and made ARMY fall in love with a new selfie from their collection.

BTS’s Jimin gifted ARMY with a new photo for their collection. The idol also shared a love message for this weekend, but it showed why he possesses eternal youth.

The K-pop group the BigHit agency continues to enjoy his break before launching his second musical project 2021: BTS THE BEST , his new Japanese album whose lead single “Film Out” will be released in April. During their free time, the boys take the opportunity to update their social networks.

Through BTS’s official Twitter account, Jimin decided to share a new selfie for ARMY.The idol accompanied the image with an adorable message to remind them to be happy and eat properly. In addition to his words, the idol also surprised them due to his eternal youth.

It is no secret that Koreans have enviable features due to their fair complexion and great skincare and makeup care. He’s still a very young 25-year-old, but when it comes to posing in front of the camera lens and in adorable outfit, Jimin looks smaller than he is.


After his publication, which registered more than a million likes and more than 400 RT, ARMY decided to compare some photos of Jimin from 3 years ago and found that almost nothing has changed, he even looks younger.

The idol posed with a dark sweater and a black shirt, his hair with bangs gave him a childish touch in addition to the so-called “sweater claws” because the garment covered his hands. The fans fell in love with his adorableness and eternal youth, since since 2018 he looks the same, it is as if the photo had been taken in the same period of time.

It is literally the definition of “Inner Child”, not only does he possess his inner child, he also physically remains happy and innocent. Jimin has the secret to eternal youth.

Besides proving that time has no effect on his face, Jimin also opens his heart to ARMY. Find out why he felt lonely and what it took him to be happy.


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