Jimin proves he’s a great impersonator with this video


Jimin from BTS showed his teammates a hidden talent, imitating the sound of a UBS. Park Jimin gave ARMY a great and cute interpretation of a USB flash drive.

The BTS singer is a boy who, in addition to being an excellent singer, songwriter and dancer, still has some hidden talents that surprise even his closest bandmates.


The MV for ‘ Boy With Luv’ represents a great time for the 7 idols of BTS, since they collaborated with the American singer Halsey, their record material broke several records of sales and reproductions.

Through BANGTANTV , channel BTS on YouTube that has over 31 million subscribers, revealed a video of the behind the scenes of the recording of the music video of ‘Boy With Luv’.


In the clip of more than 1 minute, Jimin is seen , accompanied by V and Jin having fun moments in one of the colorful recording sets of the video ‘Boy With Luv’. The boys took advantage of the break to practice their notes high of singing .

But the epic moment came when Park Jimin shared with Jin and V that he had been very focused working on doing various performances , but you are not going to believe that … Well Jimin has been practicing to make a perfect imitation of the sound of a portable USB .


Jimin just raised his hand, gesturing to plug the USB into an imaginary computer and made the ‘ dum dum dum’ sound in a very peculiar way, then V and Jin were very confused, Jimin just smiled.

In the end, Jimin asked the BTS members , what did they think of his imitation and what did they think of the sound? Jin replied that this was supposed to be the sound of a USB Flash Drive , the ‘Lie’ singer explained to V that the noise of ‘dum dum dum’ was very characteristic when you connect the device to another.

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Watch the video of Jimin imitating the sound from a USB memory :

Yesterday it was revealed that the Big Hit boys broke a great record with the music video for ‘Boy With Luv’ on YouTube, BTS managed to accumulate more than 16 million likes on the official clip.


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