Jimin posted an unpublished selfie for RM’s birthday


BTS singer Jimin congratulated RM on his 26th birthday on Twitter and shared a brand new selfie.

On Twitter to wish BTS leader RM happy birthday on September 12, 2020, Jimin shared a cute OT7 selfie. In the adorable snap, you can see the members surrounding Namjoon as V punctures his dimples as Jungkook’s bun makes an appearance.

September 12 is a special day for BTS as RM was born 26 years ago. Since their successful debut in 2013, the Bangtan leader has been a major component in the success of the South Korean boy group.

From his split personality that flips between a charismatic idol and a goofy goof to his inimitable musical talents as a rapper and songwriter, ARMY has always been in awe of Namjoon.

Since today is their birthday, the members took to Twitter to wish their leader fun but heartwarming posts.

Jimin shares new selfie on Twitter

A while back, Jimin posted an endearing birthday wish for Joonie that included two adorable photos: an OT7 selfie and a miniMoni.

In the group selca, all the members are seen surrounding a seated RM while pointing at the birthday boy.

The ARMY fandom couldn’t help but obsess over several details in the snapshot that caught their eye: Namjoon’s bulging arms in a simple white T-shirt and mustard shorts, a V with his eyes closed, and messy hair touching Joonie’s dimples and him. cute men’s bow from Jungkook.

Jimin tweeted, “Our Namjoonie Happy Birthday. Please be blessed and don’t get sick. #JIMIN #MonieHBD”, via translation from fellow ARMY @ choi_bts2.

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