Jimin may release his first mixtape very soon


Jimin may be preparing something to release in the future. Will Jimin release his first mixtape?

BTS is promoting their next Japanese album “Map of the soul 7: The Journey”, so they conducted a special interview where they revealed some details such as their new single, their dreams for the future and their future projects, we tell you what it was that said the idol about his solo music.

It is no secret that the boys have been successful with their solo songs, from individual singles, to the solos that they have included in their albums, until now, only 3 of the members have thrown his mixtape, but what about Jimin?


The idol has revealed on some occasions that he is working on new music, in fact, for “Map of the soul 7: The Journey” he wrote 3 songs , which are not sure to be included in the album, since his job is to deliver advances to the company so they can be authorized.

When will your mixtape be released?

Jimin has no concrete plans to release a solo album, but in the interview offered by BTS , the idol talked about wanting to show fans something in the future, he did not specify what, but added that he has been working on some things.

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It seems that Jimin has something prepared that he has been developing, which raises the expectations and rumors that at some point he will consider releasing his mixtape. Songs like “Serendipity” or “Filter” have been very successful for him.

The idol also talked about his future concerts, despite the fact that the world situation has not improved, Jimin hopes to be able to reunite with ARMY soon, so he is focused on working and taking care of his body.

Do you think it will come true? And although he does not reveal a solo album, if his songs are included you can learn a little more about his work as a composer.

Filter recently managed to break a new record on Spotify . Jimin’s solo reached a new number of views on that platform, making him one of the most popular idols in K-pop.


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