Jimin looks radiant in this expensive Chanel accessory


The BTS idol conquered ARMY around the world with a shiny and charming accessory. This is Jimin’s secret to looking good.

A few days after starting 2021 Jimin did it again, his name was a trend on social networks due to a look and accessories he used for the presentation of BTS at the annual Golden Disk Awards ceremony.

Park Jimin is a style icon, when it comes to fashion he is considered one of the best dressed K-pop idols in the business, some of his favorite brands are GUCCI, Balenciaga, Saint Lauren, Prada, DIOR and Chanel .

On January 10, the second day of the Golden Disk Awards 2021 was celebrated , Bangtan Sonyeondan lit up the stage of the venue with performances of songs such as ‘ON’, ‘Dynamite’, ‘Black Swan’ and ‘Life Goes On’.

Jimin appeared with a rebellious look and elegant touches, consisting of a black vest, transparent white shirt and a shiny accessory that caught the eyes of the onlookers.


Jimin’s perfect complement was a shiny Chanel choker , the expensive accessory had a black base and large crystals that formed the name of the fashion house founded in Paris.

Through social networks, ARMY published messages about the necklace of the singer of Beyond The Scene , Internet users made the mentions a trend: Jimins, PARK JIMIN and Chanel choker . The interpreter of ‘Lie’ appeared in the trendings of countries such as the United States, Argentina, Brazil and Puerto Rico.


Another detail that ARMY noticed was the Nevermind tattoo, the fabric of the shirt was very thin, so the idol easily starred in an epic moment alongside his bandmates.

It is not the first time that Jimin incorporated chokers to his outfits , in the era of ‘Blood Sweat & Tears’ the dancer made the accessory iconic, he also wore scarves and necklaces that gave subtlety and elegance to his neck.

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