Jimin learned to say what he feels with the help of RM


Currently, we see the BTS guys conquer the world and meeting with huge crowds that have all their interest in them, the members of the idol group always seem to have the right words to share with their fans, but this was not always the case.

According to Jimin, communicating his emotions was very difficult for him, even if he was experiencing very positive, comforting and joyous feelings, putting it into words and showing his emotion could be a difficult task, so sometimes it would be easier save your feeling for yourself.

But at the same time, this idol wanted to share with his followers all the gratitude that he had inside him due to the happiness that his fans gave him, how could Jimin express all this if he did not feel confidence in his own words?

Jimin set an excellent example in achieving this, as RM not only demonstrates his leadership by guiding the group, but the way he expresses himself and communicates with the audience wherever they go is also admirable.

Jimin found it moving to hear RM’s words, but it was also amazing how he could express himself so well, so he began to learn from him and take inspiration from the way he communicated with his fans.

The boys of BTS have found in their docuseries Break The Silence a space to honestly share the different experiences they have while traveling the world. In previous episodes, the boys talked about the sacrifices and consequences of their worldwide success.



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