Jimin, Jin and Jungkook Eating İce Cream


In the latest Bangtan bomb, Jin tries to convince Jungkook to try chocolate strawberry ice cream, while Jimin’s brain freezes when he eats the same ice cream.

The BTS members are busy preparing for the release of their upcoming single Dynamite, which will be released on August 21.

However, to keep their ARMY fandom going, we have the highly addictive songs that take us backstage to various awards shows and song sessions as BTS members showing off their fun sides.

Whether it’s goofing around on set or even something as simple as eating together, the ARMY fandom never tires of Bangtan Bombs. Last out is all the proof one needs!

They take us backstage at the 2019 iHeart Jingle Ball, where BTS mesmerized us with their performance in elegant white suits.

BTS members fight over ice cream

In the video that was shared today, we first see the epic duo of Jin and Jungkook, also known as Jinkook, as they stand in front of an ice cream machine in sportswear.

The older BTS member reflects on how he’s never seen a strawberry and chocolate swirl before and forces Jungkook to give it a try as he only wants chocolate for himself and doesn’t want to take a chance if the combo turns out to be bad.

As Kookie flatly rejects his hyung, he finally gives in to his own curiosity and tastes the whirlpool he ends up liking.

While Jin doesn’t like melted chocolate ice cream, he thinks he was better after tasting the swirl. In true Golden Maknae style, Jungkook proceeds to add all possible ingredients to his ice cream.

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Jimin, seeing the ice cream machine makes a swirl for himself with few ingredients and his brain freezes as he treats his fandom ARMY with the most adorable expressions of ChimChim.

Check out the latest Bangtan Bomb featuring JiJinJung and his ice cream antics below!


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