Jimin and Suga lived with ARMY in a fun program


Jimin and Suga coexisted a bit with their fans through VLive.

The members of BTS have a solid friendship, the boys have lived together for a long time, since preparing as idols, their debut and later their success in music, the 7 boys of the band are very close.

Yoongi said Jimin was the Bangtan Boys member with the most sense of humor, assuring that his partner was the funniest boy. Suga asked Jimin ‘Why didn’t you come to the Daechwita set?’ And the ‘Lie’ singer replied, ‘Did you wait for me?’

Jimin and Suga have a very special way of calling each other, they adopted the word ‘Minimiz’ to show their love, the idols explained that they decided to use ‘Minimiz’ because of their nice height.


Jimin sent an important message to all his followers:


Suga also wanted to dedicate a few words to ARMY:

On the broadcast Namjoon was only a surprise guest for a few moments and then left. To capture the unforgettable moment, Suga and Jimin took a selfie that they later shared with all their fans on social media.


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