Jimin and J-Hope demonstrate their artistic skills by personalızıng their tennis shoes


Jimin and J-Hope shared with ARMY unique designs that they captured in their tennis shoes.

The rapper and singer of BTS have a good connection, their friendship is very strong, every time they interact with the fans or between them you can see the complicity that unites them. Jimin and Hoseok always try to brighten up their followers’ days.

In a Twitter post, the boys shared a very interesting creation, Jimin and J-Hope customized some white shoes from the Fila brand, a company with which BTS has collaborated on several occasions.


The idols drew special things on each shoe, Hoseok made some spots with black paint and Jimin chose something more colorful, a cherry tree with a brown trunk and leaves in a pink tone, very similar to the one that appears in the video for ‘Spring Day ‘.

In the post description you can read:

The reaction of his fans was immediate, the photos of the designs of Jimin and Hoseok already have more than 1 million likes, more than 371 thousand retweets, in the comments, Internet users expressed that the artistic skills of both idols are incredible.

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