Jimin is the singer ARMY wants to share the umbrella with


Jimin, the BTS singer has been crowned in all the polls.

It is time again for the rainy season. As such, netizens chose BTS’s Jimin as the main celebrity they want to share an umbrella with.

Fans are all very well getting a shoulder wet as long as they are around Jimin under the same umbrella.

In a poll conducted by DC Inside from August 16-22, Jimin received 9,938 out of 21,091 total votes (47%) and was officially ranked FIRST.

Jimin outnumbered other popular Korean K-Pop celebrities like Hyun Bin, Park Shin-Hye, and Son Ye-jin.

This voting data is often used by big data media and advertisers.

Jimin ranked 1st in DC Inside MyCelebs poll

“A star with whom you would like to share an umbrella”

Jimin got a total of 9,938 votes, which is 47% of the total votes among BTS stars!

“Congratulations JIMIN !! ���� # JIMIN # jiminperfect # jiminprince #JiminPromise” wrote the ARMY fandom.

Jimin has always been a trailblazer when it comes to various polls.

Jimin has always been a trailblazer when it comes to various polls.

Without a doubt, this is due to Jimin’s longest and unrivaled record in the brand reputation rankings of the best individual boy group members for 20 consecutive months starting in August 2020.

Jimin’s list of accomplishments both at home and abroad continues to grow astonishingly.

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