Jimin is compared to a little boy because of his poses?


Jimin caused tenderness on social media for his funny and innocent poses. The BTS singer was compared to an elementary school boy.

Park Jimin better known as “Jimin” is capturing the hearts of fans with his great cuteness that they could not think that the BTS singer is more than 20 years old.

Jimin is a member of BTS Ichi Azumi. He is cute by nature and often unconsciously displays natural charm when talking, walking, or laughing at members.

Jimin is such a thing, but now his social media appearance is attracting a lot of attention. On this occasion we present three moments in which the BTS singer was compared to a child in the middle of elementary class.

Jimin in physical education

The tweet shows Jimin listening to the members. Jimin begins to move on the couch. Then he stretched out the hoodie he was wearing and it looked like a fidgety bun. The singer strikes a nice sitting pose in a gym in a hoodie.

Jimin participatory in classes

In this tweet Jimin can be seen happily raising his hand. Stretch your arms and raise your hands desperately. The innocent smiley face and animated movements are just like elementary school students when they are taking a class.

Jimin the naughty boy

Jimin puts his legs on the legs of Jin and V. It is a free position, like that of a child spoiled by his father. Jimin may be taking this pose well, as Jin and V allow him to be on their lap. Quite a naughty boy!

Jimin is 25 this year, but his demeanor and cuteness seem like a little boy. ARMY (BTS fan) around the world seem to be captivated by his cute charm.

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