Jimin Imposes Fashion and Shows Why He is The Best Ambassador of LV


Jimin is the king of fashion and everyone wants to copy him the magnificent style that he takes everywhere, but this only proves that Louis Vuitton did not make the wrong ambassadors and BTS idols are even the best to sell clothing.

Besides being an amazing singer, songwriter, and dancer, Jimin of BTS also has an amazing style and idol always looks good with any outfit that is put on; ARMY loves to see him both on and off stage wearing different clothes and with a look that many want to steal.

And it is because of this that many of the clothes and accessories that Bangtan Sonyeondan idols wear are sold out in hours and even minutes, everyone wants to buy the clothes that the artists wear, perhaps to look just as good as they do; something that many brands have to notice and then seek to continue working with the K-Pop group.

This time Jimin does it again and the idol not only sold out his clothes, but also the shoes he was wearing; There is no stock in various parts of the world since everyone wants to copy the great style of the idol that only shows us that he is the best representative of Louis Vuitton .


On his most recent visit to the United States , we were able to see the Bangtan Boys in different activities, always looking presentable and wearing clothes that suit them very well, as one of Park Jimin’s outfits was completely sold out just because he was wearing it.

The shirt that Jimin was wearing is the Damier model with an approximate cost of $ 1,000 dollars; While the shoes that Mochi was wearing were also sold out, these are the Major with a price of $ 940 dollars. Both are from the Louis Vuitton brand.


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But that’s not all, you leave the price, the shirt and the shoes are sold out in 22 different countries , there is no stock ! Can you believe it? The power of Jimin and Louis Vuitton is incredible, he is undoubtedly a great ambassador for the brand and brings even more success to this prestigious company in fashion .


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