Jimin has Cute eyes but what does his look really say?


What does the look of Jimin and all the members of BTS say?

The members of the K-Pop group, BTS, have different looks, their eyes say things about their personality, behavior and other details that surround the lives of the rappers and singers of the Big Hit Entertainment company.

Jin, Jungkook, Jimin, Suga, RM, V and J-Hope make up one of the most powerful K-pop bands in the world, the performers of ‘ON’ managed to fulfill their dreams thanks to their talents, skills and dynamics. The rappers and singers are all stars.

Bright eyes of the BTS

The personalities of the BTS members are very varied, the body of the idols and their features are unrepeatable, their hands, their height, the color of their hair, the natural shape of their hair and even the shape of their eyes is special .

They say that the eyes are the window to the soul and the gazes of the BTS idols are very sincere, reflecting their mood, their charisma, their tastes and sometimes the feelings that they hold deep in their hearts.

This time we bring you an analysis of the look and the shape of the eyes of the Bangtan Boys, what does the sight of the interpreters of the song ‘Dynamite’ say? Leave us your opinions in the comments area.

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Kim Seokjin’s eyes reflect a lot of tenderness, curiosity, and a touch of innocence, the older BTS member’s gaze is sincere, bright, and friendly. The idol’s eyes have a deep brown color.


The eyes of the leader of BTS have something special, it is a relaxed look, but safe and at the same time youthful, the rapper of the Bangtan Boys can change the appearance of his eyes and make his features look more relaxed or strong.


Min Yoongi is a boy with a look that could seem somewhat challenging and mysterious, in depth he is sincere, full of emotions and power. The pupils of Suga’s eyes are brown, but the edges are stronger in color.


Hoseok’s gaze is full of security, happiness and has a special shine, the Big Hit Entertainment idol radiates a lot of curiosity, also expresses empathy and solidarity.


V’s gaze is somewhat effusive and at the same time sad, he usually has a combination, perhaps it is because his eyes slightly lower to the extremes. The natural color of their pupils is deep brown.


Jimin has a cute look, like a puppy, when he smiles his eyes get smaller, close which gives him a flirtatious and adorable touch, showing his sweetness and pleasant character.


Golden Maknae’s gaze is strong, determined and very confident, which is reflected in her personality and attitudes. BTS’s Jungkook’s eyes are brown and reflect the idol’s desire to succeed.


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