Jimin has an adorable way to call Suga


Among all Suga’s personality traits, cuteness stands out in Jimin’s eyes, which is why he describes him in a very special way.

The boys of BTS have been present at great events this year, although almost everything was done virtually due to the complicated situation in the world, fans have enjoyed every moment, but in one of his interviews Jimin revealed how perceive Suga, we will tell you the details.

The 2020 iHeartRadio Music Festival included the members of Bangtan Sonyeondan in their guests. These idols gave a very special show where they also showed the performance of Dynamite, their latest song, and also talked about the group in an interview.

It was at this stage that the singers answered some questions and had a game that revealed some facts about each one. Later, some of the idols that make up BTS had to choose the ideal word to describe one of their peers.

RM was in charge of conducting this segment and asked J-Hope to describe him one word, Hobi first chose the term ‘genius’, but also noted that he was the worst dancer. V stole his idea when he had to choose a word for Jin and also called him the worst dancer, which made his teammates laugh.

An emotional moment came when Jungkook referred to J-Hope as “just light” because of the positive effect he exudes, but a tender moment was about to hit the set.


Although Suga may have a cold-looking image, this is only one of the idol’s facets, as fans and group members know very well that Yoongi’s personality has many sides that he does not hesitate to show.

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That’s why the tenderness with which Jimin described Suga made a huge impression on the fandom of this group.

When he had to describe his partner, Jimin turned directly to the camera and in an adorable tone said that he chose the term ‘baby’. CUTE!

Check out the video of this moment below:


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