Jimin has an ADORABLE feature that makes him UNIQUE


Jimin, the BTS star, has an adorable characteristic that makes him unique and has the ARMY going crazy.

Park Jimin has adorable hands, he sees one of his cutest physical features from the BTS singer.

Jimin came to Bangtan Sonyeondan’s music project at a very young age, the young idol represented by the Big Hit Entertainment company managed to debut alongside his bandmates after many difficult trials.

The singer originally from South Korea is extremely talented, in addition to reaching people’s hearts with his voice, he is a K-pop star who can boast of a great ability to dance, the interpreter of ‘Lie’ spent years training dance contemporary in a special academy.

On stage, Park Jimin is an energetic artist, full of power, who conquers the public with his gestures, movements and timbre, but outside of his idol side, he is a cute boy with unique physical characteristics.

Jimin’s adorable feature

One of the details that adorn Jimin’s anatomy are his hands, they are small and very cute, on different occasions his bandmates have talked about it being one of the most beautiful characteristics of their colleague.

It is speculated that the BTS singer’s hands measure approximately 17.9 centimeters, due to the size of his limbs it is said that the ‘Dynamite’ interpreter is a friendly, practical person who does not like to take risks.

Inside the details there are more details and Jimin’s hands do not get rid of it, the little finger of the BTS member is an element of his very tender anatomy, ARMY knows that it is one of the most precious parts of the Bangtan Boys idol.

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Park Jimin’s little finger is always a topic of conversation among netizens, the Korean pop dancer always shows his little finger with great pride and is sometimes shy and smiles.

At different times, Jimin has shared some jokes and jokes about his little finger, saying that he will stretch it to grow longer.


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