Jimin, His Girlfriend History, Dating And Love Rumors


Jimin’s heart has been involved in different dating and relationship rumors.

Do you think Jimin has a girlfriend? Although the idols’ personal lives are kept private, we invite you to discover the dating and dating rumors that have surrounded Jimin during his career.

Jimin has so many talents and qualities that probably more than one star in the music and entertainment industry has a crush on this boy. His presence on stage conquers anyone, but if his beauty and talent still don’t catch you, his personality will.

The vocalist of BTS has a charming character, this has allowed him to gain the affection and recognition of many fans around the world, but what about his heart?

Find out who has dated Jimin, who has expressed his interest in this idol and all the romantic rumors that have surrounded him.


There are photos of Jimin with some girls while they were in school, however, although many people considered the possibility that they had dated Jimin, most fans agree that they do not seem so close, so they could be alone. classmates.


Jimin was very popular from his student days, so it wouldn’t be a surprise if the girls wanted to be photographed by his side.


Throughout his career, Jimin has been linked to other idols through rumors suggesting that the boy may be dating a celebrity, we’ll tell you about some of the most popular cases.

After Jimin confessed that he was a fan of SM Entertainment’s girl group Red Velvet, fans believed that perhaps this idol had a particular interest in some of the members, so rumors began to spread that Jimin and Seulgi might be coming out.

But she wasn’t the only one, it was also said that he and KARA’s Seungyeon could have a relationship. It all started when BTS and KARA promoted during the same season in music shows, so they could meet and see their respective presentations.


The girls at KARA acknowledged that they were admirers of BTS’s abilities, which fueled this rumor and caused Seungyeon to be frequently questioned about Jimin and BTS. But just as the girls said, they were only amazed at the idol group’s talent on stage.



For a time it was said that Jimin could have a special relationship with a secret girl, that happened during a backstage video of BTS with Halsey, where we saw RM playing with the interpreter of Without Me while other BTS members are behind . Jimin realizes they are recording the moment and shifts the girl he was talking to backwards so that she is no longer caught on camera.

Despite the suspicions that arose, the girl in the video is a member of the BTS staff. As you already know, the staff that works with idols do not usually reveal their identity, that’s why many times they cover their faces in the videos that appear, which could cause Jimin to want to hide it.



Jimin has said that he likes nice and tender girls, he prefers that they are shorter than him and that they are charming, but the most important quality is that he has a good personality.

His celebrity crush is actress Rachel McAdams, the protagonist of Vows of Love and Diary of a Passion dated Jimin with his magnificent performance and beauty.


Jimin has said that he has a girlfriend, a person who in addition to being beautiful is someone who wants him to only look at him, who is it? Listen to Jimin’s confession for his beloved ARMY in the video below:

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