Jimin gave a cute explanation about the pimples on his face


Jimin is the K-Pop sensation of the moment but he has made it clear that he is still simple and humble.

Jimin talked about the pimples on his face and with the tender explanation he gave, he caused a sensation and admiration among the ARMY fandom because he showed his personality that characterizes him.

The video dates back to BTS’s comeback after the release of their EP Map of the Soul: Persona; Jimin relaxes as they go on stage on Show! Music Core (South Korean music television show, broadcast by MBC TV). In this video the singer is reclining on a sofa singing parts of Boy With Luv and Dionysus.

In the Serendipity music background video, Jimin speaks on camera, wishing ARMY a good day. But what caused the most tenderness among the Bangtan fandom, is when he spoke of some pimples that he had on his face. The young member of the South Korean boy band explained why he had acne:

“My father said that if you get pimples it is because you are in love. I have three, so I will love the ARMY three times more.”

Jimin is LOVED by the ARMY

On the other hand, GQ magazine published a list with the “10 best dressed men of the week”, Jimin among them. This ranking is defined as “weekly summary of outfits approved by the GQ of each red carpet, paparazzi encounters and high-profile events around the world.”

In the images you can see the Idol with a black dress, both in his long-sleeved shirt and in his pants, to which he added the shoes of the same tone. In the post it is mentioned that Jimin has a style that is totally appropriate from “how to dress at the airport in 1993 and 2019”.

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Jimin’s voice has been described as delicate and pleasant; He is considered an exceptional dancer among BTS members and in the K-Pop industry in general. Elite Daily’s Noelle Devoe commented that he is often praised for his “smooth and graceful movements” as well as his charisma on stage.

Park Jimin has repeatedly cited singer Rain as his inspiration to become a singer and dancer.


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