Jimin has a fun way to learn English


Jimin has a fun way to learn English. The idol was exposed by RM and you will not believe how he insists on learning more. Take advantage of these days of quarantine .

Jimin is one of the members most tender and adorable within BTS , but it is also an artist very prepared.

One time while RM was doing a live and was with Jimin with him, the BTS leader confided to ARMY that the BTS singer has a special, unique and unconventional technique to learn English, since the group promotes a lot outside the country .


RM commented that during the different flights they take, Jimin spends hours trying to learn the language with the animated film ‘A boss in diapers ‘ that was released in 2017, directed by Tom McGrath.

Jimin’s reaction to being discovered by Namjoon was very nice, as he ran to the back chair and lay down, being very embarrassed.

This is taking this method of Jimin these days when you have time available , it will be amazing as you learn more of the language most spoken in the world or if you know a little, can perfect it .

It is proven that being exposed to listening to the language can acquire more skills quickly , so watch children’s movies of your choice, but in English, it will help you better adapt your hearing and you will have more words in your vocabulary .

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