Jimin has fun with the baby filter during quarantine


Jimin has fun with the baby filter during quarantine. The idol enjoys his free time in this quarantine.

BTS paused its activities after the health crisis that South Korea experienced a few weeks ago. The boys finished the comeback promotions and are waiting to start their 2020 tour in late April, so far, it still stands.

The boys have shared various videos, photos and messages through Weverse to interact with ARMY while the quarantine of some countries is passing. Jimin decided to play around with some filters that are in fashion in applications like Snapchat.


The idol posted some emotional messages for his fans and asked them to stay safe and secure. He also shared a photo where it seems that he went back a few years and rejuvenated himself.

Jimin decided to take a selfie with the famous baby filter and got a much more adorable and youthful look, a gift that ARMY loved , who believe that he does not need that type of edition, because for them he is a little boy.


Both idols and fans find various ways to spend time while isolated, as they know that it is best to stay home and follow all precautionary recommendations. The idol also promised to make a VLive broadcast for the entire ARMY.

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