Jimin Explains Why Serendipity Took Extra Effort


BTS Vocalist Paid Special Attention When Playing Serendipity And This Is The Reason Behind. Serendipity is turning 4 years since its release, this is the perfect time to remember Jimin‘s great effort in recording this song.

The talent of BTS on stage is undoubted, but another quality that we cannot ignore is the care with which they prepare their melodies before releasing them. They are extensively involved in the creative process, so they invest time and energy while getting everything ready for an album.

When Serendipity was released for the album Love Yourself: Her , Jimin had a new challenge due to what he wanted to show with this song, as the idol had high expectations for his performance.

In an interview the singer of BigHit confessed that he tried to use all the different nuances in his voice on this track, so it took a lot of work and attention:

I remember that the recording process was very difficult because I concentrated on those details

Today is a special day for the Bangtan Sonyeondan fandom and it is all due to the anniversary since the launch of Serendipity, so on social media posts using # 4YearsWithSerendipity have gathered a large number of fans.


If you love this melody and you can’t stop listening to it then the message in the lyrics must be special for you, if you still don’t know the meaning of this song here is the translation:

[Verse 1: Jimin]

All this is no coincidence
Just, just, by my feeling
The whole world is different from yesterday
Just, just, with your joy
When you called me
I became your flower
As if we were waiting
We bloom until we ache
Maybe it’s the providence of the universe
It just had to be that
You know, I know
You are me, I am you

[Chorus: Jimin]

As much as my heart flutters, I’m worried
The destiny is jealous of us
Just like you I’m so scared
When you see me, when you touch me
The universe has moved for us
Without missing a single thing
Our happiness was meant to be
‘Cause you love me, and I love you

[Verse 2: Jimin]

You’re my penicillium, saving me, saving me
My angel, my world
I’m your Calico cat, here to see you
Love me now, touch me now

[Refrain: Jimin]

Just let me love you (let me love, let me love you)
Just let me love you (let me love, let me love you)
Since the creation of the universe
Everything was destined
Just let me love you (let me love, let me love you)
Just let me love you (let me love, let me love you)

[Outro: Jimin]

Let me love, let me love you
Let me love, let me love you


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