Jimin Credited For Co-writing ‘Dis-Facility’, ‘BE’ Track 6


Jimin was credited as one of the composers and writers for ‘Dis-Facility’, track number 6 of BTS’s new album ‘BE’.

It was recently revealed that Jimin is officially credited as one of the songwriters and songwriters for track 6 called “Dis-Facility” on BTS’s upcoming album “BE”. Jimin has co-written and co-composed the song along with other members like J-hope, RM, and Suga.

Previously, the Korea Music Copyright Association (KOMCA) was updated and Jimin has been credited as the composer of the song “Skit”, another song from the upcoming album “BE”, along with the other 6 members.

Jimin has a total of 8 accredited tracks on KOMCA

Outro: Circle Room Cypher
Boyz with Fun
In the Soop

Outside of KOMCA, BMI had credited Jimin as a songwriter / songwriter for ‘Dream Glow’ as well. Also, Jimin was credited with being in charge of the next album. As such, he conducted the talent search and acted as a mediator between the company and the artists.

As we mentioned a few days ago in Somagnews, Jimin has taken on the role of a Project Manager for the new album. He constantly provides updates on the album making process and raised fans’ expectations considerably.

According to Jimin, each member of BTS took on a different role. During his last live broadcast, he humbly explained that his role was to act as a “go-between” between the members and the company. Your task is to organize the ideas of other members and present them to the company.

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In return, the company would give feedback, which Jimin will then discuss with the other singers in the group. As a project manager, Jimin’s responsibility was to ensure that the music and production were approved by both the members and the company.


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