Jimin is considered the best K-pop dancer of 2020


The idol was ranked first in 2 accounts that defend him as the best dancer this year.

BTS not only manages to connect with their fans thanks to the message they transmit through the lyrics of their songs, their performances are also a great show during their tours and presentations.

Jimin , who belongs to the dance line , has shown his talent in various choreographies and solos, his talent was recently recognized and he is the best dancer of 2020.

According to the Naver portal Jimin was one of the nominees in the survey of King Choice for Best Dancer K-pop this year, the idol received more than 6 million votes and managed to be crowned as the winner , the Korean press acknowledged that Jimin He has the ability to dance any genre, all thanks to his talent and his studies in dance.

But that was not his only achievement, Jimin also won in the ‘DABEME BEST DANCERS 2020’ survey, taking first place for the second consecutive year. Woah!

Jimin’s first steps were in a dance academy, he also took dance classes in high school and, thanks to his skills, a teacher encouraged him to audition at BigHit, since then, he has been able to demonstrate that he was born for dance, in the BTS’s last comeback had a great solo on “Black Swan”.


The idol’s achievements are thanks to his talent, but also to the support of his fans, who try to show him their love and recognize their effort, so Jimin also sends them special messages during quarantine to cheer them on.


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