Jimin chooses meaningful items for ARMY’s room


The BTS vocalist joined in the decoration of an ideal bedroom for each of his fans and explained each of the elements.

The members of Bangtan Sonyeondan have taken turns adding special details to an ARMY-minded room, Jimin’s décor thrilled his fans.

The vocalist began his voice memo by explaining the elements he decided to add to this space to make it a comfortable and free place, where expression could be found through various methods.

Jimin selected a table to be in the center of the bedroom, but this piece has a support in the center that provides more space for people to sit around it. According to the idol, this item will be ideal for having fun meetings and conversation, but also for creative and relaxing moments.

You can sit, draw, doodle, or journal for a little peace and relaxation.


The second item that the BTS members added was a large wall clock, for Jimin it is relaxing to hear the sound of the hands, so hope they provide that feeling for ARMY as well .

However, it is a very particular clock as it is striking 6:13 in honor of the debut date of the idol group .


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