Jimin celebrates his 26th birthday and gets all the love


BTS’s Jimin is celebrating his 25th birthday, (26 in Korean age), in South Korea it is already October 13 and ARMY celebrates it with all the love.

The idol of BigHit has a very special day, the native of the city of Busan is ready to welcome him to a new year of life, full of opportunities and new dreams to fulfill, despite being so young, Jimin has experienced the Fame alongside BTS, but there are still goals in his life and ARMY sent all their birthday wishes.

Through social media, ARMY has created a trend with different hahstags to celebrate Jimin’s birthday. The idol has received countless messages of love and congratulations for his new 26 years, fans have decided to share favorite photos and videos of the BTS member to remember the moments they have lived with him.

As is tradition, some of the projects for Jimin on this day were the events organized in cafes, where there are decorations with the date and the idol’s face for fans who order drinks, as well as the famous advertisements in the city’s subway stations. , not only in South Korea, but also in China.

Among the gifts Jimin has received from Bangtan for his birthday party are donations from fans in his name to organizations in favor of animals, they also placed several banners of the idol in the streets of Seoul, there was even a light show where various buildings projected graphics in honor of Jimin on their windows.

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Another of the special projects for the Korean pop singer was the small exhibition in one of the subway terminals, where a small structure with Jimin’s name appears and some lights around it. Before his birthday, the idol had already broken several records, as his Chinese fanbase managed to place Jimin’s advertising inside the Dubai Mall, the largest shopping center in the world.

Jimin had a very emotional moment with ARMY after the Map of the soul ON: E concert, as he could not help crying when he was reunited with his fans.


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