Jimin cares and cheers them up with some pictures


The climatic changes have hit South Korea very hard, that’s why BTS’s Jimin wanted to raise awareness among his fans and recommend some indications to stay safe.

It is not a surprise that Jimin shows his great heart, the idol of the company Big Hit Entertainment constantly expresses his love and affection for the millions of netizens who follow his career alone and alongside his fellow BTS members.

South Korea has experienced several difficulties with the climate, the changes have been historical, since they register very heavy rains that cause floods and other disasters, as if that were not enough, several typhoons have already appeared on the coasts of that Asian country.

Jimin made a post on Twitter to ease the hearts of ARMY and give them support if they are going through difficult times, the ‘Lie’ interpreter posted some photos of him in a very funny photo shoot, where he posed with a bucket hat and made very smiling faces for the camera.

In the description you can read:

It is a relief that the typhoon has passed, but it is said that it will return next week, please be careful

Owwww, Park Jimin is a great artist who cares about the health and well-being of him fans, him love is well reciprocated, as him images already accumulate more than 1 million likes from Internet users. OMG!

The singer of the Bangtan Boys became a trend, not only for his recommendations, but also for his beauty, charisma and great visual, which make a very good combination with his huge heart. <3

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